The architectural bureau A61 was founded in 2008. The bureau designs buildings and structures with various functional purposes, finds architectural solutions of different scale and creates a high-quality urban environment.

The A61 team is a group of architects, engineers and designers who work in the field of architecture, construction and engineering development, urban planning and design.

Architectural solutions are based on the careful analysis of a modern society progress, a dynamics of economic changes and an international experience, using the latest design and construction technologies.

While designing we strive for rational decisions, a flexibility of a planning structure, for a maximum interaction between object and environment. We aim to create high-quality visual solutions that contribute to a building’s viability in the future.

Dmitrii Morozov Director and Founder Bureau. Chief Architect
Danil Deviashin Chief Designer
Ruslan Bekshenev Project Manager
Igor Morozov Deputy Director
Svetlana Mkhitarian Chief Project Engineer
Gulnara Morozova Architect
Nikolai Stebikhov Architect
Iuliia Brezgina Architect
Aleksandra Tretiakova Architect
Rimma Nigmatullina Architect
Anna Azarova Architect
Alesia Skoromnik Leading designer
Anastasiia Drachuk Designer
Anastasiia Taratunina Design Engineer
Artem Menshov Intern
Alena Nefyodova Engineer
Elena Simonova Engineer
Mariia Shirokova Engineer
Elena Yolkina Engineer
Nadezhda Nechaeva Engineer
Daria Abitova Office Manager