Project Types

– Public buildings
– Residential buildings
– Multifunctional complexes
– Office buildings, business architecture
– Shopping centers
– Educational institutions
– Hotels
– Theaters, exhibition spaces, museums
– Reconstruction and renovation of historic buildings and neighborhoods
– Individual residential buildings

Pre-design Site Analysis

– Territory and environment analysis
– Identification of possible technical and economic indicators
– Functional analysis
– Assessment of the site’s cost efficiency

Urban Concept

– Territory analysis
– Identification of technical and economic indicators
– Project of the site plan
– Space solutions of the site area

Architectural Concept (concept proposal)

Space planning solutions of a facility:
– plans with rooms’ explications,
– sections’ schemes,
– facade solutions,
– the concept of the main engineering and constructive solutions.

The stage of the architectural concept is a pillar for the project documentation development for the project stage.

Project Stage Documentation

Project documentation is developed according to the laws of Russian Federation. The stage consists of architectural and construction solutions which let the customer have the project documentation approved by the government or a private expertise institution.

General Engineering

Coordination of the project documentation development between performers of adjacent sections is provided according to the laws with subsequent documentation approval by the government or a private expertise institution.

Working Documentation

The documentation issued specially for the construction site. It consists of text files, working drawings, equipment and products specifications. It also contains all the necessary data for the facility construction (nodes, details, specifications, etc.)

Construction Supervision

Implemented by the design engineer in order to ensure a compliance of the construction and installation works to the issued working documentation.