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The aim of the project was to create an individual dwelling house with a possibility to run a small business — private beauty salon.

The house represents a modern architectural solution with a comfortable and high-quality environment. It gives opportunities for family life and development of the environment in general. The solution also helps the house to become an essential part of its location and nearby infrastructure.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen
Customer: Private
Project year: 2017
Status: at the implementation stage

The area adjoins to various dwelling houses, that tells about the issue of privacy and protection of private property. Being located in a densely populated and non-attractive district of Tyumen, the house combines dwelling and social functions. Searching for the volume solution we took into consideration the location of the house in relation to cardinal points.

The house consists of a few volumes, which are formed in a certain order according to the character of rooms. One of the principles of this layout was an insolation. The absence of windows on the northern part allows preventing the loss of the warmth. The roof windows provide a necessary level of lighting in the hall.

The volume faces the south. Due to that, the terrace, the interior yard, and the rest zone are lit most of the day. The geometry of the facades forms cozy private spaces. The exits of rooms create visual corridors which open a view of the interior yard and the terrace. It allows vanishing the border between interior and exterior.

Closed street facades with the minimum of windows provide privacy and protection from prying eyes. They also protect dwellers from unpleasant weather.

The public part of the house has its own entrance. It allows family members not to run into workers of beauty salon and their clients.

The house is performed in a minimalistic style. Its facade is a combination of grey bricks and profiled metal. This combination allows distinguishing public and dwelling parts visually. A lot of attention in the project is paid to architectural details.

The compositional development of the roof is performed with multilateral slopes. It gives the house a dynamic look. The console serves as a canopy over the terrace and adds a special feature in the geometry of the house.

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