House Among the Pines

The concept of the house is a result of the landscape analysis and very clear and accurate requests of the customer.

The site is a narrow strip of a land, densely planted with high pine trees. The task was to keep the environment untouched and maximally save existing trees. Another condition was to pick up a practical covering for the facade so it would serve long and be easy to maintain.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, Perevalovo village
Customer: Private
Project year: 2015
Status: Project

The object has a simple form with big square windows of different size. They bring down a design rhythm and vanish a house-street border making you feel the forest spirit without leaving a room. The site is planted with lush pines those create a soft shadow at the projected house area.

The feature enforced a solution to use a gray brick for the facade siding that harmonically suits the environment and creates an effect of a drop shadow. The windows are framed with wide wooden frames stressing an ecological character and variability of the facade elements. It fits with the forest scenery.

During the work process, we chose a spot for construction where it would not conflict with the trees but blend in. It’s become a basement for the future building. The house actually implemented into the environment and included some of the trees in its structure. The object itself created an inner yard with two pines, that became a heart of the house — so the rest of the structure was developing around this core.

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