“Ilyinsky Quarter” Residential Complex. The First Phase of Construction

The residential complex located in a historical part of Tyumen is one of the most perspective neighborhoods for the elite housing. It’s explained by its highly developed infrastructure, accessibility for transport and pedestrians, wealthy historical heritage, Tura river proximity to the embankment and favorable ecological situation in the city center.

The central element of the construction is a public space of a boulevard dividing a complex into two almost even parts.

Type: Residential house
Address: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, 34 25th of October street
Customer: GBI-3 plant
Project year: 2011
Status: Implemented

The shape and a facade design of the complex is a connection between a historical part of the district and a modern architecture. It provides a scale and a visual connection with the surrounding buildings, encourages to a harmonious finish of the site construction development.

The district has features of new and old Tyumen architecture. The neoclassicism is a style that is determined to structure a surrounding buildings by creating a background for the monuments. For example, for Iliynsky Monastery, the residential house named after.

Apartments in the complex are comfortable spaces with views of the river, historical districts of the city and the embankment.

Owners have an access to the public roofs with a panoramic view of the neighborhood, proving this residential complex uniqueness.

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