Olympia Residential Complex

Olympia residential complex is the first example of the renovation of industrial areas in Tyumen. The complex is constructed at the industrial site, close to the storage and trading companies.

The concept of the residential complex is to create a comfortable aesthetic environment within a highly effective and ergonomic house.

Typology: Residential
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, 105 Polevaya street
Customer: Sibstroysvervic JSC
Project year: 2013
Status: Implemented

Due to the architectural solutions of residential volumes and creation of a comfortable barrier-free environment without an access to the territory of motor vehicles and fencing we managed to create a mood of trust and frankness between inhabitants.

A color solution of facades intends to revitalize surrounding buildings. On the facades, there are console boxes that accommodate an external air conditioning units and support a complex rhythm of windows on the facade.

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