Reconstruction of the Building
of the 1st Power Plant in Tyumen

The building of the first Tyumen power plant was built in 1893 by Ignatov — a well-known steamship owner, founder and owner of Zhabynsky mechanical plant. The power plant is a monument of a historical and cultural heritage. It’s a one-storey red brick building with a long volume that belongs to the rare type of industrial buildings. The goal of the design was to renovate the industrial building for modern offices.

The reconstruction project expected a careful restoration of the monument, which gives the object a new life at nowadays, maintaining the unique character of an old building.

Typology: Office building. Reconstruction
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, 33 Gosparovskaya street
Customer: Capitalstroyinvest LLC
Project year: 2016
Status: Construction

The project pursues a restoration of the roof, a preservation and restoration of the exterior walls and decor. The adaptation of the building to a new function is planned with a reconstruction of the interior space. The stand-alone metal frames not adjoined to the outer walls will be an interior core. They allow to set up a mezzanine floor in the center of the building.

All the communication facilities that do not require a natural lighting are located on the first level of the house. The perimeter of the building will remain open and double-height. It contains an open working space. There are administrative offices on the mezzanine floor.

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