The House of Glass and Concrete

The object is located not far from Tyumen on a territory of a private community, surrounded by forest. The house is a modern minimal volume which emphasizes the individuality of a customer.

The volume is based on the contrasts of natural materials: brutal concrete panels that give a feeling of heaviness and a delicate glass surface that gives the house “visual air”. The core of the house is a glass parallelepiped framed with the concrete panels: floor, ceiling and front walls.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, Perevalovo village
Customer: Private
Project year: 2015
Status: Project

Facade facing the area is completely glazed. The interior space is projected as an extension of the street and creates a single unique space. During the daytime, garden reflects in the glass blurring the boundary between the house and the street. At night the house glows from the inside and glass facade practically becomes invisible.

Planning structure performed in a free style. The platform is suitable for the placement of art objects, a luxurious furniture and a collectible car. For the last one, the house provides a glass box which is a central element of the house and can be seen from any angle.

At the site in addition to the apartment house, there is a garage complex with rooms for staff, technical facilities and a workshop with an outdoor terrace on the second floor.

The exterior integration with the interior is simply noticeable — green wall of 7 meters height enriches interior and expands the space.

By the way, there is a tree growing right inside the house. A built-in-floor special monolithic bowl of 2 meters depth was included in the project plan.

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