The Residential Complex
on the Odesskaya street

The architectural solution of the complex was prescribed by a huge functional load and complicated configuration of the construction area. The first four floors make a stylobate of the building which contains offices with lots of glass on the facade with a shifted spacing.

Above that part, the object transforms into a residential part which is performed as two vertically elongated volumes with a calm and orderly nature of the glazing.

Typology: Multifunctional public buildings. Residential buildings
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, Odesskaya street
Customer: Private
Project year: 2014
Status: Project

The stylobate volume is divided by an aperture that faces Odesskaya street. The aperture has four floors and connects the backyard with Odesskaya street, making a space more open. The ceiling is made of a reflective material and disposed at the angle even to the level of stylobate. It creates a feeling of fullness and volume in the courtyard.

The end of the residential volumes and the apertures are realized in a bright performance that makes a living part of the volume friendlier, but also increases the importance of heat and light, contrasting with an urban environment.

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