Traditional House

The residential building surrounded by a pine forest in an ecologically clean area of ​​Tyumen, in a private community. The plan draws the house as a compound spatial structure which forms and enriches the site creating an interesting space with a strict geometry and flat landscape. The volume of the house is clear and uncluttered.

The house is designed for families that tend to a calm suburban life and honor the traditions of their ancestors, preserving peculiarities of their nation’s lifestyle.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, Perevalovo village
Customer: Private
Project year: 2015
Status: Project

Connection with the traditions can be traced in a principal solution for a planning structure and functional solution of some areas and interior. Being isolated from the eyes of the others, the house is tightly linked with the environment due to a large number of stained glass windows. They allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery to the full.

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